Kelvin Brown, MD, MPH

Surgeon, Bariatric Specialist, and Public Health Expert

3755 Carmia Drive, Suite 970, Atlanta, Georgia, United States

(404) 496-6028

There is nothing more valuable than good health

I whole-heartedly enjoy being a physician and public health expert. My main mission is to help individuals and communities achieve better health through big visions, strategic planning, and execution.



I am a licensed medical physician, surgeon, public health expert, and proud father. I serve as the founder, CEO and medical director of Precision Health which has headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. I am also the founder of the Vital Outreach Foundation whose mission is to help provide much needed health-related products and services to those who are in need. I work with individuals, families, public and private entities, and other professionals through meaningful collaborations with the sole purpose of improving health.


B.S., Christian Brothers University
M.P.H., Emory University
M.D., University of Alabama at Birmingham (UASOM)

General Surgery, Emory University Hospitals

Areas of study



Health Policy


General Surgery

Bariatrics (Obesity)



As should be apparent from looking at my past, I am driven, action-oriented, solution-oriented, and committed to excellence and over-achieving. I want to help you through one of many ways in person or from a distance. These are my priority areas as of right now.

a. Fight Overweight and Obesity

b. Design Health Initiative for Organizations

c. Offer Licenses and Franchises
d. Share Knowledge (Podcasts, Blog, Media)
e. Enhance Quality of Life

Get ready!

Dr. Brown has two great books coming out! Stay tuned!

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