Kelvin Brown, MD, MPH

Surgeon, Bariatric Specialist, and Public Health Expert

What I offer

Each of the areas in which I specialize as a medical doctor, bariatric specialsist, and publich health expert developed as the result of many years of clinical experience, training and study.  I also want to emphasize, however, that each specialization also arose in response to my own personal experience—to a critical need of my own at some point in my life. ( see About Me page for further details).  In most cases, that need was not adequately met within the fields of medicine and wellness, inspiring me to develop innovative and highly effective health and wellness models to better serve the needs of others searching for help with the following challenges:

What I Treat

Weight Management for Teens

Weight Management for Adults/Elderly

Corporate and Community Fitness


Pain Control for Healthier Living

Healthy Eating Programs

Online Weight Loss and Telemedicine


Business Development for Doctors/Nurses

Anti-Aging, Lab Services and Muscle Building


Other areas of expertise and interest

Here are some other areas that I have involvement.

Group Weight Loss Intiatives and Challenges

Group Health - Groups either decide to come to one of our brick and mortar facilities or they arrange for me to visit them. I will travel to help groups with a size of 10 people and above. Please contact me for details.

Faith-Based Health Initiatives

Faith-Based Community - I enjoy working with leaders of faith-based organizations and creating dynamic health initiatives that ultimately help their members, their health, and their finances. Please contact me for details.

Walking and Running Programs

Running with Precision - "Running with Precision" was created so that I could help communities get healthier through walking and running. From sponsoring regular individuals to elite athletes to running events of all sizes, Running with Precision is determined to extend our health efforts beyond our walls and into the various diverse communities.

Nutrition and Dietary Programs

Healthy Eating - I help people learn what to eat, when to eat, and how much to eat (portion control) by employing many methods and incorporating many partners. I work with dietitians, chefs, protein manufacturers, and more in order to create a comprehensive solution for healthier eating.

Laboratory Services and Genetic Testing

Lab Testing - Before we can improve ourselves, we should better understand ourselves. Therefore, I offer lab testing for all people and for many reasons. Affordability and accessibility are important factors that I considered when I began to offer these very helpful services.

Licensing and Franchising

Licensing and Franchising - As a health care provider myself, I truly understand what providers are experiencing within their pracices or current jobs. I also understand what these same providers desire from their professional lives while giving their patients what the both want and need. I have developed business models where physicians and nurse practitioners can thrive. Non-practitioners may also benefit from these models when they hire providers to work for them. Fees are very affordable, ranging from $15,000 to $250,000.

All-natural Health Supplements

All-Natural Supplements - I take a holistic approach to healthier living. I also know that good health starts within us at the cellular level. Therefore, I continue to develop a full line of all-natural, healthy products and supplements for the benefit of all adults regardless of location within the United States. Many of these supplements may be found and purchased at


OBESITY - I believe it is safe to say that I am the ONLY physician and surgeon who has addressed overweight and obesity through surgery, through weight loss programs, through public health initiatives, with chefs, with dietitians, with fitness trainers, and with the success of helping thousands of people lose over 1 MILLION POUNDS over the past 12 year. I have had unique experiences with unique results within a crowded field of awesome providers.

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