Kelvin Brown, MD, MPH

Surgeon, Author, Bariatric Specialist, Serial Entrepreneur and Public Health Expert

How to End Back Pain While Standing

Do you suffer with back pain while standing at work? If your spine is bent over even the slightest bit while standing, the pressures increase on the lower back.

You don't need to have perfect posture, but thinking about your back a little can bring great rewards. Here are some specific suggestions to avoid back pain while standing:

Keep your back comfortably straight but not overly tense. Standing with your back stooped over or "sway back" causes more pressure on the spine and can increase back pain. Back stretches and exercises can help keep your posture correct without any effort.

Wear comfortable shoes that have good support and avoid higher heels. Low-heeled shoes can sometimes help with arch support, but more than 1 1/2 inches will misalign the curvature of your back, which can lead to back pain. You might select a lightweight athletic, running shoe or proper footwear recommended by your podiatrist.

Vary your standing position. Try not to stand in one position for long periods at a time. You might also try placing a rubber mat in the specific area where you stand if you’re going to be on your feet for long periods. The mat helps to give some cushion to the feet and back.

Prop one foot on a box or stool for comfort. This helps to alleviate the pressure off the spine.

Tighten your abdominal muscles as you stand to avoid the "swayback" position. Standing swayback increases pressure on the back and results in back pain.